Hello, we are GameUnionTV

Rinocrosserв 13:32 (16/04/21)
Editor and founder, Arseniy Mirniy

GameUnion.TV is a small private project created in 2014. In total, more than ten people managed to appear here, however, I'm it's founder and main author - Arseny Mirny. You can consider this website as my soulful blog about IT, games and movies.

  • I have over ten years of experience at Electronic Arts, Game Insight, RJ Games, and many others.
  • My main areas of expertise are the marketing of gaming and IT products and content production.

If you have anything to ask or offer, check out social networks or try our contact form link (in the right menu of the site).

We do not copy other people's news and do not allow copying our materials, both text and media, without prior agreement with the authors.