Blacktail ending explained WITH SPOILERS

Rinocrosserв 21:06 (27/01/24)
Blacktail Game Ending Explained with SPOILERS

The ending of Blacktail, a promising open-world RPG by The Parsight studio, feels incomplete. The game leaves Zora and her faith barely explained, telling more about Volko, Slavitza and Dragoy. But only if you accept that the story you see is the only truth.

The game says that it's been over a year since villagers accused Yaga of witchcraft and tried to kill her. The good sister Zora went to the woods and gone missing. Their friends are gone too over this last year.

So, there's more if you listen carefully. The deaths of everyone else were explained in detail — they all died for bullying and eventually burning Yaga. But Zora just "ran away into the woods after that accident and then randomly gone"? Hard to believe.

Zora is the protagonist of the game, keeping Yaga as a mask, her alter ego and the dark voice. First, their mother Gordana was killed by villagers for what they believe was a witchcraft and kids theft, then years later Yaga was burned alive.

Their friends helped villagers to catch her since girls were good at hiding and lived primarily in the forest for several years. There is a mention that sisters left after people tried to kill one of them before by drowning in the river.

Sisters hoped they will fit into the community or at least that their own friends will support them to only face a dark truth — friends will get under adults influence and will turn against anyone they can oppress and blame for any issues.

Zora was lying to herself that there is a way to fit if they will keep trying. When Yaga was called an outcast and foundling openly, they kept accusing her of witchcraft only for her scars and grim mood. She was always out of the acceptance deal that Zora was dreaming of.

Blacktail Game Ending Explained with SPOILERS

Zora tried to save her sister when people put her on fire. Here's how she got scars same as her sister had from the original fire took down their mom. Zora eventually burned down the village and ran away with her sister. But Yaga died there under the willow. She never actually recovered — Zora was trying to calm her in her last minutes.

Zora took her role as both dark and light keeper of the forest, accepted her heritage, got back to their mom's hut, cleared the woods from roots. But how Zora died then and why her spirit is captured?

Zora's original personality died there under the willow with her sister. She is now both and a totally new person — a murderer, while neither real Yaga or their mother Gordana actually killed anyone. They were keepers of the forest and never deserved to die.

The new growing alter-ego eventually killed all three of their friends Volko, Slavitza and Dragoy in her revenge and helped the forest to consume them. It was no more than killing a spider despite all of them were truly sorry for her loss and for what they've done. But she never wanted to trap their souls forever or curse the woods. This is why she sets them free to heaven or hell and clears up the forest that is now hers.