Core Games – the amazing sandbox no-code engine is coming to Epic Games Store

Rinocrosserв 10:17 (16/04/21)

Given the popularity of Roblox, it's no surprise that Core Games more advanced 'No-Code' sandbox has united a huge audience in a matter of months. Now the amazing tool is out on the Epic Games Store / EGS. And this is great, because game creators from the community will be able to make money on the new project.

Initially, Manticore Games created a user-friendly fork of Unreal Engine 4, retaining even some recognizable interface elements. Then they grew the project towards a sandbox, where players create their own stories and mini-games.

The toolkit turned out to be incredibly wide: from quick assembly from assets and ready-made solutions to creating your own landscapes and models right inside Core (with its own quick baking and optimization tools). And even some basic programming tools, like LUA-scripting.

Core Games – the amazing sandbox no-code engine is coming to Epic Games Store

Moreover, games can be of any genre: Core tools allow you to create shooters, racing games, and even pinball. And deploying a network or cooperative game is also a matter of just a couple of minutes. But developers still have a ways to make singleplayer games too, even they can't leave the ecosystem or export the game for other platforms.

And the system is definitely made for long-term relationships with its authors: there are branded hubs for each developer, from where it is easier for the player to walk between other games of the same author. In this regard, the engine is more like YouTube than the usual development tools.

By December 2020, the Manticore also managed to add monetization, which is quite simple to activate for public games through the perk system. At the same time, game authors will be able to receive 50% of the profits within the Core ecosystem.

This sounds rather modest compared to 85% and 70% in other "stores", however, it is worth remembering that Core will take care of the servers and a number of other costs themselves. Sandboxes are usually not so rich in tools, and even less so generous in profits.

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