AYANEO announced 2022 lineup with AMD Ryzen 6800U

Rinocrosserв 15:10 (14/05/22)
AYANEO announced 2022 lineup with AMD Ryzen 6800U

Today AYA showcased their plans for the new lineup. At the moment the AYA development team is focusing on AYANEO 2 and AYANEO SLIDE. Both consoles will run on the AMD 6800U chipset and LPDDR5 6400MHz RAM, giving you up to two times the performance of Steam Deck and up to three times better performance than their older models.

AYANEO announced 2022 lineup with AMD Ryzen 6800U

The NEO2 has a solid unibody, the same as original models, and Slide is aiming at Win 3 fans with a physical keyboard under the sliding screen.

AYA has already released several variations of the NEO portable Windows console (the differences were in triggers, chipset and a number of other nuances). The performance of the models was at a very high level, so it gained some acceptance among handheld fans, even despite growing competition (in 2017 the market was occupied by GPD, then ONEXPlayer, AYA and Valve joined in 2020).

Due to competition, GPD's positions have sagged significantly, but AYA, ONEX and Valve are not afraid of competition, but are trying to expand the market.

The release of new models (NEO 2 and AYANEO Air) is expected before the end of 2022 – the spring orders of Steam Deck were also aimed at the same time frame. But the Slide development will expectedly take longer. And it is likely that a crowdfunding campaign for pre-orders will be launched in the near future, which will allow you to get new items at discounted prices.

AYA Neo Air

In addition, AYA reminded about the light version, called AYA Neo Air - the smaller, cheaper and lighter version, that is the size of Switch Lite and weight less than 400 grams. It's based on some older revisions of AMD Ryzen with lower frequencies and less than 15W TDP, but for 720p this should still be enough, so you can play quieter and longer.