GPD WIN Max finally reached the mass-production and will be released soon

Rinocrosserв 12:02 (24/06/20)
GPD WIN Max finally reached the mass-production and will be released soon

The new ultra-compact gaming laptop GPD WIN Max, that has been founded on the Indiegogo platform this May, finally reached the mass-production, so its release is just behind the corner, somewhere in July. Founders have had a chance to buy it for just $778, even it has better specs than modern MacBook Pro 13, so you can easily play and work on the go.

In addition to the announcement, the GPD WIN creators also attached many photos from the production factory. Despite the high credit of trust (obtained through the release of 11 successful mini-laptops), the Chinese startup GamaPad Digital still decided to smooth out the expectation by proving the start of production.

GPD WIN Max Specs and Features:

  • Only PC gaming console in the world that can fit in your hand;
  • Capable of running AAA games at 60Hz with medium settings;
  • 8-inch H-IPS screen featuring the fifth-generation Corning gorilla glass, 33% more screen real estate compared to last generation model, 90% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, DC dimming without flickering, 500nits brightness;
  • Intel 10th generation 10nm Core ™ i5-1035G7 processor, which out-performs i7-4790K, the 4th-gen flagship processor;
  • Intel's 11th-generation Iris Plus 940 Graphics, with graphics performance close to NVIDIA GeForce MX250;
  • Dual SSD sockets (Socket 3 / Socket 2) for unlimited storage expansion, support M.2 NVMe / AHCI 2280, with sequential read / write speeds exceeding 2000MB/s;
  • Dual-channel 16G LPDDR4X 3733 memory with read and write speeds exceeding 60GB / s;
  • With built-in Thunderbolt 3 port, you can connect to two 4K/60Hz monitors at the same time or an external eGFX to achieve the best gaming performance;
  • Built-in HDMI 2.0b HD audio/video interface, supports HDR and Intel SGX technology, can output 4K/60Hz UHD BD video;
  • With the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, you can surf the web at the speed of 300MB/s;
  • Support Bluetooth 5.0 with transmission speed up to 3MB/s1-meter precise positioning, long-distance communication at 300 meters and connection with up to 7 Bluetooth devices;
  • 3 × 5000mAh / 57Wh high capacity polymer lithium battery, supports heavy use for 3 hours, moderate use for 6 ~ 8 hours and light use for 14 hours;
  • Three-stage adjustable TDP (15W, 20W, 25W) for applications in different scenarios.
  • Newly designed gamepad with split arrow keys, anti-slip sink-in joystick and L3/R3 functions (by pressing down);
  • Dual desktop-grade turbine fans + dual cooling pipes, high displacement side-blow design, 9 ventilation holes for fast heat dissipation;
  • 65W super-fast charger supporting PD 3.0 protocol, which can charge multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks at the same time.