Godot Engine now features SDFGI integration – signed distance field cascades GI

Rinocrosserв 9:16 (26/06/20)

Free and Open-Source Godot Engine now supports a new amazing lighting system, that will allow developers to create fully dynamic outdoor illumination. It's called SDFGI (signed distance field cascades global illumination) and offers a balance between quality and performance by dividing the screen space to distance cascades with different accuracy.

Godot Engine

Free and open-source Game Engine for 2D and 3D. Based on the OpenGL API (GLES2 and GLES3) and the Vulkan API (since Godot 4.x). Thanks to public API standards, the editor works on Windows, macOS, and...

Godot Engine is absolutely Free and Open-Source, which means, that developers don't have to pay royalties, subscriptions, or anything, no matter, how big their income is. The editor is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and can be launched on relatively old hardware: the app is less than 50 megabytes, and another 500 can be used for Export Templates.

Despite its modest size, we get a pixel-perfect 2D environment and detailed 3D graphics based on OpenGL ES 2/3 and based on the Vulkan API (in Godot 4), both support PBR and can be used to create outstanding Mobile, Desktop and even Browser-based games.